Gradle and Antlr 3.X

It is my eternal goal to write simple builds for projects, but they always end up in a heap of shell script, groovy, ant, java and other bits and pieces.

I thought I’d look at gradle to clean up a few of the edges and used it for a new project I was doing (to replace a series of shell scripts that read eclipse .classpath files with an Antlr based parser).

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Multiple Commits with Failed Reviews in Gerrit

Gerrit in review

I’ve been pushing the use of Gerrit at work recently (no pun intended). Originally it was only being used as an authorization tool over our git repositories. We’ve previously used gitosis and gitolite, but I was put onto Gerrit by a friend working on the Rockbox project, and decided to give it a go. Personally, I’m converted, although originally I found its control setup a bit odd, and quite difficult to follow (we’re using 2.2 but the documentation is still very heavily based on 2.1 which had a different model), but once I’d worked out a base set of access rights, I found it very easy to manage.

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